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Archangel Michael

The Bible mentions, in many parts, the communication of people with angels, especially with the heads of the angelic orders, Michael and Gabriel. The angels know no pain or misery, doubts nor fears, male or female. Instead, they are characterized by beauty, love and endless life. They are angels (which means they were built) invisible and perfect spirits, which are restricted neither by time nor by space. Angels are bodiless and immaterial. They infinitely praise God. They encircle God's Throne in Heaven, but they stand in awe, fear and respect, unable to look at God. That's why they cover their faces with their wings. The holy angels appear to men every time God wants His will to be asserted.


Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel are usually presented with a sword or sceptre in their right hand, a symbol of the power God has given them. In their left hand, they often hold a globe that symbolizes the world.


Archangel Michael’s name means "Who Is Similar to God?”. He is an angel who appears mainly in the Old Testament and in the very first moments of the creation of the cosmos, for that matter: When Lucifer rebelled against God because of his pride and ego, he wanted to put his throne in heaven and become like God. He was followed by an order of Angels, who also defected away from God because of their pride. Then, they fell away and were cast out of heaven along with their leader, the Devil. And they all became angels of darkness instead of light. Demons instead of Angels. Then, the great Archangel Michael, seeing the wretched descend of the Angels, understood the cause of their fall, and with the homage and humility he showed to Despot God, he retained both his own glory and lightness, and the glory of other angelic orders. For his homage and humility, he was appointed by God Almighty to be the leader of the Angelic orders.


During that time, Archangel Michael assembled and joined together the orders of the Angels and called out to them, "Rejoice. Let us take heed and let us know what these demons have suffered for their pride, who for a short time were one with us Angels. And let us think about what God is and what an Angel is. God, on the one hand, is our Creator and the Creator of the Angels. And the Angels, on the other hand, we are slaves and constructions of God." So he praised and glorified God Almighty, exclaiming to him the divine and angelic hymn with all the angels, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Sabaoth, heaven and earth are full of His glory".


The miracle of Archangel Michael at the Colossians of Phrygia is also known. In the area of the Colossians, a source of water had been found with holy water that healed every illness. There, a temple was built in the name of Archangel Michael. The pagans turned against the minster of the temple, but the Archangel protected him and he was saved. The pagans, then, tried to divert the water from a river to drown Archippos and destroy the temple. Then, Archangel Michael intervened and, with his sword, he tore into the earth and the water was thrown within.


Archangel Michael is the Saint Protector of the Hellenic Air Force and his memory is commemorated with all grandeur in all Units of the Air Force.